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If you have been looking for that simple to do business you can start with little capital, that has huge profit potentials, and not those hyped opportunities, then bulk SMS reseller business is for you. The potential of bulk SMS is enormous.  The demand is increasing daily, with billions of text messages sent on a monthly basis across Nigeria.  The profit potential for you too is huge with an average income of over N200, 000 monthly – a conservative analysis.

In Nigeria, text messaging is a big revenue earner in the Mobile Industry.  People love to text and so is money being made by those who are involved in text messaging business.  According to, over 40 billion text messages are sent yearly in Nigeria.  The number is still growing as the country’s Tele-density moves into the 100 million text messaging subscribers.  And since the people love text messaging, both to send and receive, it’s growing into one of the most powerful market platforms in the world after the Internet.


For an entrepreneur, it’s an opportunity for big wealth creation – create a bulk SMS website and link it to a bulk SMS gateway – and off you go raking in millions from individuals and organizations who are using bulk SMS to advertise, promote or manage their customer base.  An investment in bulk SMS business has huge benefit both now and in the future – seeing that SMS is now the fastest, easiest and most reliable means of reaching mass potential customers with high response rate than any other advertising channel in the world today.  


Selling SMS credit online is a very lucrative business, however, only a few know how best to go about it.  According to recent analysis, the average potential for a small investor in the SMS business is put at N10 million monthly. It’s a fact currently; most bulk SMS customers spend an average of N10, 000 to N500, 000 monthly buying SMS credit units online.  And you can grow a customer base of 1,000 within  a few months – with an average buy of N10,000 worth of SMS credit per customer, your revenue, would jump to N10 million a month – and that would be a  whopping N120 million revenue for your small business annually.


The initial start-up capital for the bulk SMS Business was about N250, 000 when most people the business, but now through with only about N12, 500 is all you need to start the business. The N12, 500 would cover for the registration of your domain name with, free customized website plus hosting for a limited period and linking your website to both local and international bulk SMS gateways where all the text messages sent through your website would get to the phone members of MTN, Glo, Zain, Etisalat, etc, subscribers.  

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Due to Repetitive and Viral Nature of the System, Once You Start Promoting, Your Earnings will grow Really Fast. It will EXPLODE off the Roof in No Time with online advertisement on Facebook, Google Adwords, etc besides your offline efforts.