sms advertising

Do you know that?

  • Over 80% of Nigerian mobile phone users have seen SMS advert on their phones.
  • Over 55% responded by sending an SMS message back, the most popular ad response.
  • Over 60% recalled seeing an SMS advert in the past 30 days and say they responded in some way, according to our recent research.
  • Over 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians per Year?

Any individual, institution or organization in Nigeria that fails to evolve with the ongoing SMS marketing revolution in the country will sooner or later be out of touch with Nigerians. This is simply because there are over 90 million GSM phone users and the list is growing therefore there's no other more effective means of reaching Nigerians in their millions than through their phones and this trend is not going to stop any time soon even if there's adequate supply of electricity in the country to power our radios and TVs because people hardly carry them about. But the GSM phone is the next most important item in people's bags, purses or pockets.

Why use SMS?

Why not use radio, TV or newspaper for my advertisement?

Current statistics:
* 11% of Nigerians watch TV daily
* 26% of Nigerians listen to radio daily
* 6% of Nigerians read newspapers daily
* Less than 2% of Nigerians use the internet daily
* 55% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily and 

Most importantly, text Messages have a 96% read rate. 

Endless Possibilities with SMS Advertising

There are over 100 uses of SMS which you can take advantage of?

  • Politicians-To create awareness for their campaigns and popularity
  • Real Estate Agents -To advertise properties for sale/rent
  • Corporate organizations -To advertise products, Services and Promotions
  • Stores & Supermarkets -To advertise prize reductions & Sales and boost patronage
  • Churches -For evangelism
  • Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments-To announce important government programs to the people. E.g. Tax payment or voters registration.
  • For short code Marketing and Advertising etc.

Bulk SMS Marketing is IDEAL for: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Event Promoters, Concert Promoters, Product Promoters, Newspapers, Magazines, Fm Radio, Cable Networks, Satellite Television, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Political Parties, NGO’s, Welfare Organizations , Estate Agents, Real Estate agencies. Any company can send alerts, offers, greetings etc to their clients or suppliers on various festivals or other occasions. Any updates or messages can be sent to employees and clients.

GSM Numbers Database

Raycebiz Consult has the most up to date database of all GSM mobile phone numbers in Nigeria. These include GSM and CDMA mobile numbers from all the major networks in Nigeria. Our over 90 million database is highly profiled on a State-by-State basis. Thus you can target your message to any specific location in Nigeria. We ensure that whatever your goals are, whether it’s to sell, promote, brand, inform, notify, educate or to create awareness; you can take advantage of the most cost-effective, direct, targeted, reliable, immediate and instant way to deliver your message to Nigerians in any part of Nigeria. 

Raycebiz Consult can provide GSM Numbers in excess of 90million and send your SMS adverts to every GSM number in Nigeria from MTN to Zain, Glo and Etisalat networks. We offer customized bulksms marketing and advertising for diverse clients no matter what their budget is.

Our phone numbers database is compiled to the highest proximity achievable in the industry.

****Our GSM DATABASE of numbers are frequently updated hence total volume of numbers are bound to change from time to time. Also figures and percentages quoted are bound to change over time****

Below is our most competitive pricing for GSM numbers and bulk SMS units.



SMS Units

GSM Nos. & SMS units

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